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Exail is exhibiting at CANSEC 2024, from 29 to 30 May 2024, in Ottawa, Canada.

We are thrilled to announce our participation in CANSEC 2024, where we will proudly present some of our solutions in defense robotics.

As leading provider of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), we will showcase the IGUANA and the Cameleon LG. We will also present our Mission Systems.

Prepare yourself for daily demonstrations at our booth #3116 of our IGUANA and Cameleon LG and witness how Exail’s robotics solutions can enhance defense capabilities and empower armed forces with maximum of safety and unmatched operational efficiency.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore our solutions and secure your spot now by contacting our expert team.

Showcased products


UGV with multi-mission robotic arm and high obstacle clearance capabilities

The Iguana is a two-men portable UGV for specialized intervention. Its robotic arm, that can be fitted with a comprehensive set of tools (X-RAY systems, disrupters, lasers, etc.), offers multi-mission capabilities. Highly maneuverable and narrow, it benefits from high obstacle clearance capabilities (up to 50 cm) and can operate in highly confined spaces

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Cameleon LG

Backpackable UGV with robotic arm capabilities

The Cameleon LG is a lightweight and compact UGV easily deployable in the context of a rapid intervention. Offering 20 cm obstacle clearance capabilities, it is equipped with a manipulator robotic arm able to be fitted with various tools, making it a highly versatile UGV adaptable to a wide range of missions

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Mission Systems

Multiple UGVs and UAVs control and coordination system

Robotics has revolutionized the way land warfare is being conducted. Leveraging its extensive robotics expertise, Exail provides a full mission system able to control and coordinate multiple UGVs and UAVs from a single remote and protected location. Hence , this system brings safer operations by keeping the users away from the danger zone.

Offering complete situational awareness, our mission system is tailored to the specific needs and for any existing land vehicle, expanding land forces capabilities. Using this mission system increases operations efficiency as all information are readily available, shared in a consistent way between the UGV and UAVs, enabling all platforms to benefit from the others.



Ottawa, Canada.

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