Optica Quantum Industry Summit

Exail is hosting the Premier Annual Event for Leaders in Quantum.

The purpose of the Optica Quantum Industry Summit is to bring together the companies in the supply chain with a focus on end-user needs towards the commercialization of upcoming products resulting of the current R&D initiatives. The event will address individually four main application areas in which a paradigm shift is expected: quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum computing and quantum imaging. We look forward to connecting!

Did you know that the Quantum Sensors division of Exail (ex-Muquans), founded 10 years ago in the very footsteps of the Nobel Prize Alain Aspect, is the world’s first company to commercialize industry-grade quantum sensors based on laser cooled atoms? Bruno Desruelle, head of the division will review the technological journey accross the TRL ladder and highlight what can be leveraged today for further developments in Quantum Technologies.


Exail, 34 Rue de la Croix de Fer, 78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

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