Exail wins new contract for B737 maintenance simulator

Published on March 14, 2024 – News

Exail, a global leader in the field of flight and maintenance training simulator, announced today the signature of a new contract for a B737 Flight and Maintenance Training Device. This new simulator will be delivered to Fosen High School in Norway. It will serve as a comprehensive training solution for the school, offering a realistic and immersive experience for students undergoing B737 maintenance and flight training programs. This contract follows the successful delivery of a Maintenance Training Device (MTD) classroom in August 2023.

‘’We want to thank the Exail team for its excellent support during the whole procurement process. After the sucessful and on-time delivery of a first MTD in August 2023, we decided to renew our trust in Exail to deliver cutting-edge solutions that align with our training needs and the challenges of our growth as major center for aviation training. With the forthcoming delivery of this advanced Flight and Maintenance Training Device, we eagerly anticipate our trainees benefiting from its state-of-the-art features and we are confident that it will significantly enhance their training experience. We now look forward to continuing the good cooperation with the Exail teams! ‘’ says Per Inge Rønsberg, Training Manager at Fosen High School.

Exail’s Flight and Maintenance Training Device stands out as a modular training solution that seamlessly integrates high-fidelity aircraft simulation software with maintenance training features, enhancing training efficiency and optimizing time. This innovative device allows students to practice maintenance procedures, troubleshoot faults, and accumulate valuable experience—all without the need to deploy an actual aircraft, thereby mitigating risks to learner safety and eliminating the costs associated with real aircraft usage.

“We would like to thank Fosen High School for choosing us as a trusted partner for their cutting-edge training in aeronautical maintenance. This mark of trust reinforces our commitment to excellence and innovation and we are thrilled to be part of the education of the future generation at Fosen High School and contribute to a safer world. We look forward to continuing to support Fosen High School in empowering students for the challenges of the evolving aeronautical landscape‘’ says Charles Le Bot at Exail.