The automation and smart organisation of today’s industry is fundamentally changing the way we work. Exail is contributing to the rapid progress of Industry 4.0 through its autonomous indoor and outdoor solutions. Based on 50 years of expertise in industrial robotics and automation, Exail’s engineering teams have combined their skills across sites to build AMRs for indoors and outdoors operations. Exail’s AMR range offer a key answer to major challenges faced by the logistics industry such as labor shortage, drudgery and an increasing volume of goods needed to be transported, while reducing the overall carbon footprint

A complete range of AMR for outdoor/indoor logistic applications

Smart and secure autonomous navigation

All of Exail Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) benefit from the same technological building blocks. This ensures the solutions high reliability and robustness, as well as easy maintenance. The vehicles are equipped with advanced perception sensors that deliver smart and secure autonomous navigation to the platforms. The Lidar, thanks to its Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) capability, allows the navigation system to locate the vehicle within its mapped environment. Coupling both Lidar and odometry information then ensures a localization accuracy for the vehicle of up to +/- 5 mm. If required. GPS localization is also a complementary option.

Powering logistics flow continuity 24/7

Enhanced safety and reliability

Equipped with advanced perception sensors for smart and secure autonomous navigation, Exail’s Autonomous Mobile Robot ensure logistics flow continuity 24/7 and offer up to 75% operational gain.

In all weather conditions

Exail’s AMR are developed to perform well outside, under the same conditions as driver-operated vehicles. Specifically, this includes how speed is adapted to suit the weather conditions. An “extreme conditions” mode allows the user to reduce the speed when visibility is reduced or if it is difficult for the vehicles to grip the road surface.

Easy integration within existing infrastructures

The navigation system is based on simultaneous localisation and mapping technology (SLAM).

The first step is to map the existing site and identify any distinctive landmarks. For best results, a distinctive surface should be at least 5×5 m, be as visible as possible and it must be permanent and absolutely must not change.

How long this step takes is directly linked to your processes: the size and layout of your site, as well as the number of load pick-up and drop-off points.

This step is carried out by exail technicians using specially designed software.

Once this map has been drawn up, the on-board sensor (LIDAR) allows the navigation system to locate the vehicle in its mapped environment.

Easy fleet management through user-friendly supervision system

All of Exail Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) come with a highly intuitive supervision software that enables easy management of the complete fleet of robots.

Real-time installation status

Supervision software offers real-time installation status thank to a complete map showing as the various roads and their status, all load pick-up and drop-off areas, the real-time position of all robots  as well as a stock management.

Mission planning and Management

The software provides a useful and highly efficient tool for mission planning and management. Missions can flexibly be created using the following modes: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic using a file import feature able to interface with clients own WMS/ERP.