Leveraging 50 years of experience in robotics solutions for severe outdoor environments, Exail offers a complete range of next-generation smart Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) that ensure 24/7 logistic flow continuity, enhance the safety of persons, goods and infrastructures. By assisting the movement and handling of goods, Exail’s autonomous logistics solutions enable up to 75% operational gain and offer a key answer to major challenges faced by the logistics industry such as labor shortage, drudgery and an increasing volume of goods needed to be transported, while reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Why chose our autonomous solutions?

  • Logistics flow continuity 24/7 in all weather conditions
  • Enhanced safety and reliability
  • Easy integration within existing infrastructures
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Compatible with all load’s formats, up to 40 tons
  • Easy fleet management through user-friendly supervision system

Smart and secure autonomous navigation

All of Exail Autonomous Mobile Vehicles benefit from the same technological building blocks. This ensures the solutions high reliability and robustness, as well as easy maintenance.

The vehicles are equipped with advanced perception sensors that deliver smart and secure autonomous navigation to the platforms.

The Lidar, thanks to its Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) capability, allows the navigation system to locate the vehicle within its mapped environment. Coupling both Lidar and odometry information then ensures a localization accuracy for the vehicle of up to +/- 5 mm. If required. GPS localization is also a complementary option.

A complete range of autonomous vehicles

Alvin PT

Outdoor & Indoor Pallet Truck

Equipped with standard forks, the Alvin Pallet Truck offers protected handling of one to two loads in EU/US pallet or roll format.


Handling | Transportation | Supply


3410x2210x2560 (L x l x h)

Load up to 1.5t

Alvin FT

Outdoor & Indoor Forklift Truck

Alvin are modular forklifts equipped with standard 1200 mm forks that can be replaced by a clamp, a spur, or an onboard conveyor.


Handling | Stocking | Shelving | Storage | Supply


3750x1500x2980 (L x l x h)

Load up to 3t

Alvin TV

Outdoor & Indoor Tow Vehicle

The Alvin tractor trucks are dedicated to the handling of standard single-track directional trailers, braked or not.


Handling | Transportation


2900x1950x2000 (L x l x h)

Load up to 25t

Alvin LC

Outdoor & Indoor Load Carrier

The Alvin load carriers offer reversible and bidirectional driving for efficient and agile load transportation.




7250x2400x1000 (L x l x h)

Load up to 40t

A user-friendly fleet management system

All of Exail Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) come with a highly intuitive supervision software that enables easy management of the complete fleet of robots.

Real-time installation status

Supervision software offers real-time installation status thank to a complete map showing as the various roads and their status, all load pick-up and drop-off areas, the real-time position of all robots  as well as a stock management

Mission planning and management

The software provides a useful and highly efficient tool for mission planning and management. Missions can flexibly be created using the following modes: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic using a file import feature able to interface with clients own WMS/ERP.