Safran Passenger Innovations selects Exail’s Wireless Access Point for its IFEC solution

Published on May 28, 2024 – News

Exail, a leading provider of aerospace onboard equipment solutions, announced today the signing of a new contract with Safran Passenger Innovations. Under this agreement, Exail’s WIZY-WAP advanced Wireless Access Point solution will be integrated into Safran Passenger Innovations’ next generation of In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity System, RAVE AP2. This integration aims to provide airlines with enhanced IFEC capabilities and offer passengers an upgraded inflight experience.

“Safran Passenger Innovations is excited to work with Exail on bringing the next generation access point to the IFEC market. SPI recognizes the need to provide a robust, powerful solution to support our customers and Exail’s WIZY-WAP fits the bill” says John Andrews, Vice President, Connectivity at SPI.

This partnership between Exail and Safran Passenger Innovations meets the airlines’ growing demand for powerful and highly reliable onboard connectivity, enabling seamless entertainment, communication and productivity experiences for passengers using their personal devices. Endowed with Exail’s WIZY-WAP, Safran Passenger Innovations’ IFEC complete solution will benefit from the latest generation of wireless access points. Utilizing the WiFi-6E standard and featuring 4 spatial streams, this unique technology ensures high performance, delivering an ultra-fast and stable connection even in high-density and large environments.

“By combining our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, Safran and Exail embark on a journey of innovation and excellence, dedicated to shaping the future of onboard connectivity for years to come. At Exail, we are proud to be chosen as trusted partner and this collaboration underscores the confidence and recognition as leading provider of Wireless Access Point solutions in the industry. We would like to thank Safran and Exail’s team for bringing this impactful union to life and look forward to offering unforgettable experience to passengers around the world” says Marc Descamps, Chief Commercial Officer at Exail.