Solutions for land defense

We provide a unique land defense offer ranging from components and products to complex systems. Whether it is to safeguard nations’ sovereignty, secure territorial integrity, or respond to environmental challenges, we aim to expand your land defense capabilities with our cutting-edge technologies.

Navigation, positioning and pointing

Exail plays an important role in pushing forward the boundaries of navigation and pointing by enabling armies to locate vehicles in the field with very high precision in GNSS-denied environments, while also providing high-precision pointing capabilities. Drawing on its experience, Exail has also developed stabilized platforms to equip land and naval vehicles with exceptionally durable equipment.

Inertial Navigation System

A comprehensive range of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) that ensure robust navigation and pointing for land defense applications
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Stabilized platforms

With over three decades of expertise in mechatronics and motion simulation,
Exail is an independent leader in platform stabilization and pan & tilt solutions.
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Test and simulation

Exail provides an extensive selection of simulation tables that deliver exceptional performance and are customized to meet the diverse needs of users throughout a product’s lifecycle, from prototyping to final production. Designed for various applications, such as navigation, defense, automotive, aerospace, and scientific research, these tables use top-quality components and achieve exceptional performance levels. Featuring the most advanced control electronics, they ensure ultra-high performance and safety for engineers who need to set up simulations efficiently.

The EVO Series tables are designed for high-capacity
testing of high-performance products, from commercial-grade MEMS to tactical-grade inertial systems
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Air and land robotics

Exail provides a wide range of reliable and robust UGVs dedicated to Intelligence, EOD/IEOD and CBRN applications. Offering high maneuverability and stability through the toughest obstacles (mud, snow, sand, dirt, etc.), Exail’s UGVs can be deployed within the most challenging environments. Their modular architecture and remote capabilities make them the perfect platforms to onduct a wide range of missions with the utmost flexibility and security.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Multi-missions Unmanned Ground Vehicles for inspection, IEDD/EOD and CBRN
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Driving training system

Exail offers a wide range of military vehicle simulators designed to fulfill the advanced training requirements of armies, military training centers, and government organisations. These state-of-the-art simulators feature one or more fully integrated military vehicle training systems, incorporating virtual reality exercises. Our simulators are capable of training entire crews, either independently or together, meeting technical specifications in realistic situations and the most stringent military requirements.

Training simulation

EF-Truck Simulator offers combining immersive, high-quality graphics and an integrated training program, and actual truck cab assemblies and components
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