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Exail wins DGA Contract For New Drix USV Experimentation

As part of the future hydrographic and oceanographic capability (CHOF) program for the French Navy, the DGA awarded a contract to iXblue (now Exail) for a new experimentation of the DriX - hydrographic Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) - on September 26, 2022.

Belgian & Royal Netherlands Navies prepare to receive robotic autonomous systems in 3rd generation MCM programme

Since May 2019, Exail has successfully completed a series of milestones in the design phase up to the Critical Design Review, validating systems design and confirming compliance with customer requirements. The next milestone is the Test Readiness Review of the Toolbox planned at the end of 2022, to ensure that when the drone systems are delivered in 2024, they will be operational, compliant with the requirements and that operators and crews will be trained and documented to make optimum use of them.

Exail signs Memorandum of Understanding with Mission Systems Pty to develop their technological partnership

Exail and Mission Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian SME with a strong R&D focus, have entered into a technological partnership in the field of mine countermeasures (MCM).

ECA Group and iXblue join forces and become Exail

Following the acquisition of iXblue by Group Gorgé end of September, ECA Group and iXblue announced today that both companies will be operating under a new joint brand: Exail.

Groupe Gorgé completes the acquisition of iXblue, paving the way to bringing ECA Group and iXblue together

Groupe Gorgé announced today having reached a major milestone with the acquisition of iXblue. This operation, that will bring ECA Group and iXblue together, will lead to the rise of a European high-tech industrial champion in the fields of robotics, maritime, navigation, aerospace and photonics.

ECA Group and iXblue enter exclusive negotiations period to create new European high-tech champion

ECA Group and iXblue have entered an exclusive negotiations period to bring the two French companies together. Carried out by Group Gorgé, this operation will lead to the rise of a European high-tech industrial champion in the fields of maritime, inertial navigation, space and photonics.